Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Torah

I was so proud of my beloved yesterday. He took hold of that which is the Jewel of our faith. The Torah.
I watched Mark's face as he glazed upon those holy words, words given to Moshe from G-d Himself. I know many do not believe that the Word of G-d is Divine or Inspired. Written by mere men, not G-d. Theses are facts we do not believe. To us the Torah is Holy and fill of awe and I saw it upon Mark's face. As he chanted those ancient words, they became truly a part of him. Just as Iassac and Rebecca had to trust G-d, we are in that same place right now. And we chose to trust Him. His voice rang throughout the Syngoguge, the words clear. I knew all heaven was listening, that the Holy One was pleased.
It is funny how our lives have chanced since we began to study the Chantations of the Torah. How the Words have gome deep into our hearts, how they have darwn us closer to Torah, to each other and to our G-d.
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