Thursday, 20 November 2008

Not Good New

Well, I had my first view with P.T.
It isn't good news. It turns out the pain and cramps in my leg is coming from my right hip. It appears that the Presidone affected the hip joint and may have begun to wear it away. We are going ahead with P.T. But working with the hip first. I also have home stretches I am to do before I go to sleep and get up in the morning.
If there is no improvement or worse pain, I am being send back to the doctor for an x-ray.
We are believeing that the P.T will work.
Along with Prayer.
We stopped at Starbucks to have a coffee and treat.
It made me feel better. We decided that we are going to take this thing one day at a time and Thank G-d for our blessing instead of whining.
But I was handed back my crutches. I am back on restricted activity.
That's why I needed Starbucks.
As my late friend Phil Insoe would say as he would shake his head: "Your life...."
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