Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Second Day of PT

Boka Tov (Good Morning);
This morning was my second day of PT. Leanne said she can feel my hip beginning to loosen, moving a little better.
Mark was concern about the increase pain, since last night I had to see my doctor and receive pain medication. He included a nerve medication to help with the cramps and I actually slept through the night with no pain. But because of my pain level, my doctor told me to keep my activity limited and use the crutches.
The doctor also ordered X-rays of my hip.
Anyway, because Mark had an appointment, I had to walk to the Center. It is only ten minutes away, but boy did my hip hurt!
The Therapist allowed me to rest before she applied heat and then do the therapy. I love this Center. There is no feeling of being rushed or hurried. It is peaceful and calm. And they take the time to talk to me about all that concerns my treatment.
I start a new project tonight. A friend has asked for a Tapestry for their living room.
I am working on a pattern of the City of Jerusalem.
It is so nice to get paid for doing something you love.
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