Sunday, 2 November 2008

A WOW Moment

Thank to my buddy Jonathan (who became Bar Mitzvah in this past April) we were able to capture these wonderful moments. Usually, the use of a camera is not permitted during a service. But our Rabbi doesn't feel the Spirit of the Holy One is afraid of a flash bulb.
It was a wonderful moment we wanted our children (G-d willing to see)
This is me as I begin to chant Noah...and yes, I was quite nervious.

Thanks to streiod damage to my muscles, my leg cramped up in the middle of the chant. I lost my place, Howard found it and I was able to continue.
"How do I do?" You can't see it, but Howard smiled and nodded his approval.
I really felt G-d's Presence and I wasn't afraid anymore.
Everyone told me I did a great job. some even thanked me for blessing them with the chant. It was an honour to share G-d's Word with G-d's people.
Next week, Mark is chanting Gensis 12:1-2
He is working so hard and I know he will do great.
I am so excited for him. That my beloved will know that same joy and honour I had yesterday.

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