Thursday, 20 November 2008

A Change of Plans, P.T and Other Stuff

Well Williamburge will have to wait a week or so. Last night Mark remembered he was being called to the Torah that weekend and he has a practice chant Thrusday evening. So we will be remaining in town.
So, we will go and have Thanksgiving with my mum and she is thrilled. It isn't the plan we planned, but that's OK. It will be a blessing to my mum not to spend the day with just the nice folks she lives with.
I start P.T. for my leg in a few hours. I am looking forward to getting full use of my right leg back. I don't use the crutches much. But after my first treatment this afteroon...I'm taking them with me anyway.
I have already started getting ready for Shabbath since we will be busy with the Bat Mitzvah celebration Friday. While we do not work on Shabbath and it is the Highest of the High Holy Days, the only exceptions are the welcoming one into the Covenant; bar/bat Mitzvah, a Brit or the Naming of a Daughter.
So I wish to have my own house in order before I go and take care of my niece.
That is one of those life lesions from my mum:
When I was nine years old, I was in charge of the house while mummie was at work.
I hated housework. But I love working in the garden.
We had an elderly neighbor who had a huge garden and needed help. I loved to work with this lady, I loved the stories she would tell.
But of course the fun would end when I heard mummie's voice. I can see her even now calling me.
One day, I asked why couldn't I hepl Mrs.Lady(I forgot her name) in the garden. Reminding her in my own smart nine year old way that she taught us to serve others, to willing to help an older person.
Mummie said that is true. But 'before you clean up someone else's home, take care of your own."
What mummie didn't know is that this was a Talumdic (writing of the rabbis and sages) that says: "Before you save the world, make sure your world is safe)
Which means, I better get back to my own home Cleaning The Toilet
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