Friday, 31 October 2008

It's Calling Stealing

Today has been busy as we prepare for Shabbat and tomorrow morning service. I have been listening to Genesis 6:9-10 as well as the blessings over and over again.
I am excited.
I am nervous.
I am scared.
I am so glad Mark is here.

This morning, as I was hanging clothes out to dry, I notice something different about the back porch. It took a few moments and......
Our sign was gone.
Either one of our neighbor's or someone off the street came up the Fire escape and removed our political sign.
Just a week ago there was a story in our local newspaper of people knocking MacCain signs down, switching Obama for MacCain's, tearing Bummer stickers off of bumpers. Even John MacCain's eldest son (who lives in Virginia Beach) has had his father's sign knocked down, even ripped apart.
No, I do not think this is funny.
This is childish.
As Americans we each have the right not only to vote, but to be able to chose who we wish to back without fear of being attacked for one's choice. You don't have to agree with my choice of president. Neither do you have the right to come onto my lawn, yard or porch and destroy my sign.
No one has the right to rip off a MacCain Bumper Sticker or tear up a Obama sign unless it belongs to you.
And if things are bad now, I cannot begin to imagine what election day is going to be like.
Mark and I will vote that day. And then we will spend the day with others in prayer.
For our next president.
For our nation.
For we as a people.
We need it.
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