Wednesday, 29 October 2008

About Last Night

We had a nice time at the bethany Adoption Banquet.
Yes, it was a fund raiser, but I cannot think of a better cause; to place babies and children in loving homes, give unwed mums other options other than abortion.
We asked for more imformation for adoption. This gives us another source to look at as well as still hoping will give us a child of our own body.
Both on the way there and the return home, we passed by a heavy turnout of police. We live not far from Harbor Park, a beautiful area for concerts and other events. The Public Parking Garage was full and I notice political signs from both parties.
I said to Mark: "I believe Mr.Obama or Mr. MacCain are somewhere in the area."
This morning's front page: Mr.Obama At Harbor Park.

So, now I am about to take a nap. Study is coming along well We plan to get to Synagogue so I can get some pratice with the Torah. It is a huge difference between chanting Hebrew from the computer screen to the actual Torah scroll. This way I can get use to it.
We also have a pratice tomorrow evening.
But right now, nap time.
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