Thursday, 30 October 2008

Down to the Wire


Well, we are down to the wire; working on our journals to have them up to date when AOL's jouranls close down in a few days.

Plus, I am preparing to chant from the Torah this Shabbat.

No stress here......

For our new readers, we are Mark and Elayne.

But everyone calls me Laini.
This journal first began to keep our family and friends updated on the ever changing and oh so dull of the Reel Tribe.

At first, it was a way to keep everyone updated with Mark' deployment. But I quickly came to realize that this is our deployment and we were in this deal together.

Soon, I found myself sharing the struggles of being a military wife; the good and the bad, the highs and lows. The depression we suffer and the creative ways we both learned to not only keep putting one foot in front of the other, but even how we kept our romance going long distance.
My favorite part

This is indeed our journal, for our (Mark and Elayne) thoughts and feelings.
That includes our laugher, tears, temper tantums, drama, and joys, as well love notes to each other and to our Beloved Yeshua HaMessiah.

As Messianic Jews, our faith is the very center of our lives and we enjoy sharing the beauty of our faith and tradition. Our faith is the heartbeat of our lives and we even share our struggles in that.
Thank you for blessing our lives with your brief presence in our little place in the world.
Your presence is always welcome.
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