Monday, 20 October 2008

The Heat is On :)

Well, right after I wrote my last entry, the land lord called and told us the Plumber was on his way. Within an hour, we had heat.
And while the heat isn't on right now (it will be tonight) the chill is still off the apartment and I no longer feel a fudge pop.

Well, we just returned home from our last time in the Sukkat.

May G-d grant us the means for our own Sukkat next year.

It was a beautiful time (the pictures are downloading even as we speak) and we enjoyed Starbucks and muffins in the Sukkat. We read several stories about Sukkot and I shared with Mark my sweet memories of sukkots long pass (but still fresh in my heart.

We are now full of chicken soup and now about to take naps.

Later, pictures and maybe a story or two.
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