Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Shalom and Welcome

Shalom and Welcome:

Mark and I are so pleased to see the number of friends that are following our blog, and last night I learend that two of our family (Carson and Angela) are amoung this happy group. Today, a dear friend of David's also added his name.
Welcome to our Tent! Welcome to the House of Adoini, Welcome in the Name of Adoini.
Put up a pillow and rest yourselfs. The Mint tea is on the boil, Mark is making a fresh pot of Starbucks cup. I have homemake Turkish delight on the end tables and the lamb is roasting.
So, please, partake of the feta cheese and pita bread, olives, dates and figs. Let us enjoy this time of fellowship.
And when you must leave, know that whenever you return, you shall find an oil lamp lit, waiting for you Menorah 4
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