Monday, 20 October 2008

Yes, We Are Still Alive :)

Boka Tov:

Mark and Laini here.

Yes, we are still alive. Yes we are still enjoying the High Holys Days, though they are sadly quickly coming to a close.

And yes, Laini is still sick. Sickly But! Praise G-d, slowly getting better.

Mark had Drill this weekend and I spend the weekend on the sofa, under a blanket (it is cold in the apartment and the land lord has been called three times. We should have heat in a few hours)

Yesterday, (under the blanket) I worked on the two journals. One that shares of the time Mark was in Iraq (LoveFromIraq) and now The Simha of Our Lives. This journal will go into the celebrations and various travels of Mark and Laini. This is a journal we started awhile back and would also like continued. I have also been working on little's Baby Quilt. Boy! I have learned about Quilting. I think I have broken quilting rule.

Anyway, Mark and I are preparing to head for the Shukkat one last time this year before it is taken down. And then we rejoice over the Torah!

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