Thursday, 30 October 2008

What Would Noah Do?

Boka Tov:

This morning, I awoke feeling better.

A good night's sleep helps.

As I said in last night entry's, to stand before the Aron HaKodesh (the Ark whichs houses the Torah Scrolls) with the Ner Tamid (Eternal Flame) shining down as one's eyes are enlighten by the Words of the Torah is a high and holy moment in a believer's life.

One is fully aware of this is an Awe-moment that you are standing in the Holy Presence, standing on Holy ground, knowing that G-d is speaking to and through you.

Beth (Nutwood Junction) suggested I looked upon all of this as help from on High.

Thanks Beth; LOL, I started doing that last night...
The workers see this as just another job. Just as the builders who worked with Noah and his sons.

Noah preached while he hammered and sawed. So I shall look at sawdust as a good thing.
And G-d willing, one day when Mark and I have children, I shall teach, them as my mummie taught me and my sister, The Synagogue isn't just another building.

It is the Place where the Spirit of the Living G-d dwells. And not to treat her lightly.
It is a Torah unto herself.
Everything in the Synagogue is a piece of the Torah. From the 'gates' to the Ark, every piece is a letter of the Torah, that spells out His Word to us. We literally 'Walk Through the Torah (Bible).
And like the Torah, must be handled with love, care, respect and honour.

So, this Noah has an adjusted attitude.
I am Noah, and I am about to declare the Word of G-d before a mess-up world.
And more likely get the same hearing as Noah did.
And as Noah himself would remind me, that isn't my problem.

Noah was a righteous man, found perfect(which means holy, righteous) in his generation. He found grace with G-d, for he walked with G-d.

And that is the meaning for me as I prepare to Chant Noah this Shabbat; I am to be as Noah, found perfect (holy, righteous) in my generation.
And this week, I have been reminded that this is no easy thing to do.
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