Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Joy of the Torah

Shammai said: Receive all people cheerfully.

- Ethics of the Fathers 1:15


Mark and I arrived at Beth Messiah for my practice reading.

And I had to quickly hurry out the door.

Dust. From the walls, the floor, dried paint, sheet rock dust.

I have asthma.

So, after I got my breath back, we went into the Rabbi's office to practice. Howard, Melissa, Mark and Rabbi were so loving and patience as I worked my way through the nerves and then slowly, began to take ownership of the Torah.

This is my Book, G-d's Word to me.

And I knew it! I could look at the words and find my place in the scroll and read the hebrew! I understood the words, the meaning. And as I sang them, filling the air with the Word of Torah, they took on light and life.

Last year, I was overcome with emotion and teared up.

Tonight, a peace came over me. I could feel Mark's smile as I chanted, knowing he shall be at my side Shabbat.

Last year, when I was called to the Torah, Mark was in Iraq. I sang my portion (the same one I am doing this Shabbat) over the phone.

This time, Mark will be here with me.

And that is the best part.
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