Monday, 6 October 2008

Chicken Soup


As all who follow this blog knows, Mark and I love chicken soup. And that is what we are having this evening for supper. And Mark is cooking.

Our Rosh Hashanah.

Well, as many of you know, I had a bad sinus infestion a few weeks ago. Well, it seems that it had reached my lungs and with the blowing of my nose, I appear to strain the area of my back that I injuried back in June.

My ribcage had been hurting for about a week. Finally, we decided after Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) we would go to the doctor's.

That evening after I had finish making dinner, we lit the candles, dipped apples into honey for a sweet year and I slowly moved downstairs to the car so we could go to service.

We weren't at the Temple ten minutes when I found myself fighting to breath.

Mark rushed me to the ER.

It turns out I was developing Pleurisy and it was caught just in time. So I am on very heavy medication to help clear up my lungs, ease the back spams and pain. The doctor would not allow me to leave the ER until she got my pain level down.

I give thanks to G-d that it was caught in time.

So, @ 3:30 am we arrvied home and I slept a good part of the day.

I did feel well enough for the guest we had invited last week and since all of the cooking had been done the day before, there really was no work.

It was a small group; another couple (Sturat and Debbie) and our buddy Paul. His wife and baby were out of town, so this gave Paul a chance to have a home cooked meal.

And we had a great time. The medication worked and I felt well enough to enjoy an evening with friends.

After everyone left, Mark scooted me off to bed, promising to clean the kitchen for me in the morning.

So, I am now back on a diet of Chicken Soup, Ginger Ale, Mint Tea and Orange Juice.

And a loving husband who spoils me rotten.
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