Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A Wonderful Season

I love this time of year.
After a full year of work, we have a full week of celebration.
Like the Jewish wedding Succot .

And I am fully enjoying it since I am feeling so much better.
But then again, I have had wonderful nurse.
Monday was Dad's birthday.
But because I was so sick, we had to ask for a raincheck. I had been promising Mark's dad fried chicken livers for over a year. So I decided that I would make them for his birthday.
Since I was feeling so much better, I made Dad's chicken livers this morning and then we went to visit for a bit.
Mum and Dad had just had lunch, but Dad had one anyway.
I was worried for: 1. I have not made chicken liver in over 20 years and 2. I can't stand chicken livers.
He loved them! and he decided he wanted them for supper.
Whew! It isn't that Dad is hard to please, I just wanted to give him something he liked.

This evening, Mark and I went to the Sukkah @ Beth Messiah and had our supper. Succot
It was a blessed time.
And yes quite romantic Fireworks Kiss
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