Monday, 20 October 2008

More Pictures of Our Day

Ah Memories....
Avraham and Moshe enjoying our Starbucks.....
Ahhh....Pumkin Spice Latte....
Laini feeling so much better....
Mark reading a Sukkah story.

As we sat in the Sukkah for the last time this year, I shared with Mark memoried i had of Sukkots long past.
My family wasn't aware of its Jewish roots (there are many who aren't) But there were so many traditions that have their roots in the Jewish faith, uncluding parties during the Fall. What we did not know is that we took much of this from Sukkah.
I remember playing with friends with our dolls in a Sukkat.
But my flavorite memory;
I once served at a Church where we builded a huge Sukkat and the women decorated it with colourful cloth pieces on the ground and walls. We strung fresh fruit from the bamboo roof and the Bible Study group ate our meals inside.
The story of Sukkah was told during this time.
Each night, many would come and enjoy time inside the Sukkah. Something wonderful about tenting with G-d as we did in the days of old.
The weather:
Yes, it can get wet and cold in the Sukkah.
There is nothing to protect you. So why do we do this? Not only to remember the time we wander the wilderness for 40 years. But that our lives here on earth are just like these earthy tents. And one day, we shall lay down these earthy bodies (tents) and go to live with our Heavenly Father for forver. In the Tent, The Sukkah Yeshua is building for us, even now.
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