Monday, 27 October 2008

ProLife, By Choice

Boka Tov:
Yes, getting an early start.
Mark has an appointment with the Dentist. I should have one in a few weeks. While he is having his pearlies worked on, I will be at Beth Messiah, our Synagogue, helping with the mailing as I listen to my Torah portion.
This Shabbat I will be "called to the Torah" I will bless G-d Who has given us the Torah and then read (chant) Genesis chapter 9:1-3 (I hope) in Hebrew. It is both a honour and humbling, for one at that moment takes hold of Torah and it becomes theirs in a very real sense.
So, as I fold NewLetters, I will be listening and practicing along with Wisdom (the name of my Laptop)
Yes, I named my LapTop.
Anyho, my last entry got a little heavy. And as I wrote a dear earlier, it was and is never my or Mark's intent to shove our morals or valves on others. They are just us. And if anyone felt that, I am sorry.
One family member did have a 'safe, legal' abortion. And almost died. When procedure went wrong, the family was dropped off at the ER bleeding and left. That the side you don't often hear.
But Margaret Higgins Sanger has been a ghost of a figure in my families for years. Having studied the life and work of this woman for in a history project in High School, I walked away with a greater value on Human Life, no matter the colour, how conceived or its condition once born.
Margaret Sanger promoted the idea of "race hygiene" (is the selection, by a government, of the putatively most physical, intellectual and moral persons to raise the next generation (selective breeding) and a close alignment of Public Health with "negative eugenics through " attempt to reduce the fertility of "dysgenic" groups. Sanger considered the unchecked multiplication of the "unfit" to be "the greatest present menace to civilization."
The unfit included Catholics (when she stated that she believed that they were “black moles ) Mrs. Sanger even spoke leaving the country if John F. Kennedy won the election (She did change her mind) 'Blacks,' and "Yellows.' She suggested Congress set up a special department to study population problems and appoint a "Parliament of Population." One of the main objectives of the "Population Congress" would be "to raise the level and increase the general intelligence of the population.
Sanger saw birth control as a means to prevent "dysgenic" children from being born into a disadvantaged life, and dismissed "positive eugenics" (which promoted greater fertility for the "fitter" upper classes) as impractical. Though many leaders in the eugenics movement were calling for active euthanasia of the "unfit," to her credit, Mrs. Sanger spoke out against such methods.

And while others felt the same, Racial hygienists played key roles in the Holocaus the Nazi effort to cleanse Europe of Jews, Communists, Gypsies, homosexuals, political dissidents, (uncluding Christians who hid Jews) the mentally reatarded and the insane.
And this is these are the reasons why Mark and I are not supporters of So-called Plan ParentHood.
As one dear friend says: to each his own.
And while we may all not agree on this and other subjects, I hope with understanding where we are coming from, we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.
See ya later.... Hello
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