Monday, 13 October 2008

Beautiful Day; Tough Night

Boka Tov (good morning)
It is 4:49 am.
I am up, having taken Muchinex nasel spray and praying THIS works.
It seems that I have an ongoing battle with my sinuses, but it turns out that this year, there is truly something in the air because many people are suffering.
Mark and I went to a wedding yesterday and I was fine. But of course we went outside for group pictures on the beach and the wind picked up. I had taken my medication (Mucinesx D) and was doing fine.
But within twenty minutes of being home, I was clogged up again.
We are trying everything: hot packs on my sinuses, on the back of my head, Vick's Vapor stream bath, turning on the hot water in the shower, salt water solution, Vapor next to the bed.
So, having used this nasel spray, I am hoping for some relief.
We have been moved back to the Military Clinic, so Mark is going to take me there later this morning.
And I am going to ask to be transfer back to my former doctor. She is closer and we work well together.

We had the joy of being part of our friend's Rudy and Jezeel's wedding yesterday afternoon.
This lovely couple gets married every year. This is one of the ways they keep their marriage and love alive, fresh.
Their reasons: in the world today, there is little respect for marriage.
After all, why get married when you can live together.....
We see the degrading of this holy state in movies and tv programs, hear it in music. And if this one doesn't work out, hey! kick him/her to the curb and get another model.
But not Rudy and Jezeel.

They celebrate their love, their commitment, their joy. And their love inspires all of us who know them.

So each year, they have a special celebration to remember the day they began their lives together.
We were amoung several couples chosen to read poems to each other, poems hand picked by the couple that they felt reflected each's couple's love for one another.
The wedding was held at The Hutton Hotel, on the beach, so we had a wonderful view.
Each of us had our wedding picture sitting on our table, each couple had their own wedding cake.
The meal: salad, Salomen with Mango, wild rice and veggies, serbet to clean the palete for the wine so we could toast love and marriage.

The couples range from folks who were married over 50 years, 30 years, 18, years, 10 years, 3 years (Mark and I) 2 years, 1 year and 3 months. We shared stories, laughs and yes tears of joy.
After the pictures wer taken, Mark and I kicked off our shoes and headed for the beach.
And there, before the crashing waves and The G-d Who brought us together, we revowed our vows, exchanging our rings once again.
It wasn't as grand as the wedding we had just attended, but it was just as beautiful.
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