Tuesday, 21 October 2008

More About Ushpizin


I truly believe that when someone truly gives their life to G-d, there is a change:

Shuli Rand retired from acting after becoming religious. He returned to acting just to make this film: Shuli Rand had two conditions for making this movie, both were met. The first was that his real-life wife, Michal Bat-Sheva Rand, would play his wife in the film. The second is that in Israel the film would not be screened on the Jewish sabbath. The movie gives you a chance to think what are miracles, are they worthed and how much do you have to pay for them.The Bellangas live in deep poverty. They are so poor that they have nothing to eat, and they cannot buy anything for the coming festival of Succot.They are also waiting more than 5 years for a child. But a miracle happens and they get 1000$ and a Succah. However, 2 former friends, who are escaping criminals come as guests for the holiday. The Bellangas will have to pass a trial of hospitality before the movie ends.I really enjoyed the movie which gave me plenty of things to think about. Are we really important in this world? What are our daily trials? How do we face them?

Laini's notes: I remember before reading this review, telling Mark that this was a real husband and wife; there was just too much love between this couple to fake it. Two; Mark and I both believe their faith was real; this too was no act. I believe that this is the reason this movie is so good.
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