Wednesday, 29 October 2008

History in The Making

Capital Building
No matter what your leaning for President, this week we have seem history in the making.
This evening I listened to folks getting upset over the election. Yes, passion are indeed running high.
But we keep forgetting, we are seeing history in the making.
In my mother's day, the thought of a woman of colour, standing and posed to be the next First Lady was never even imagained. A woman of any colour came close to the office, and now a woman could be VP.
The highest office could go to one of our nation's hero or a man of biracial herdiage. It is a time of first and in less in a week's time, we shall have a new President.
I will be honest, Senator Obama is not my choice. But as I watched history unfold, I have seen how far our nation has come.
Giving me even more reasons to be a proud American.

Whoever is elected will need us as a people, as a nation to pull together and prayer for him and those he appoints to lead with him.
Mr.MacCain. Vote McCain
Mr.Obama. Vote Obama
My husband and I are praying for both of you.
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