Friday, 24 October 2008

Our New Look

The very nice man who delievered our Dinning Set.
Our new DinningRoom. The other chairs will be delievered later.

I found a nice Autumn table cloth and this is it's first appearnace.....

The L-rd's Seat.
When I was a child, my mum would set the Dinningroom for Shabbat and all the Holidays. And Who sat at the Head of the table? Why the Head of home: G-d. Mummie always set a place for Him, to remind us that every good thing we have and enjoy comes from.
I have continued that tradition, but I cover the Chair of the Honoured Guest with a Prayer Shawl. And that is His place, Center in our home.
I remember Mark's sister asking about this tradition. I assured her I did not put food on His plate, nor did we expect Him to eat it. It was (and is) a reminder of in Who's Presence we are in.
And that He is most welcome in this home.

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