Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Starbucks With the Folks

Boka Tov:
There is a new Starbucks in town and since this month is Dad Reel's birth month, (we celebrate the whole month) Mark and I are taking the parnets for Starbucks.
I had promised to do so last year, but then Dad began ill and other stuff happen as well.
Besides, this way Mark will get to join us. A nice break from study too.
After Starbucks, again I work on my Torah portion. The Blessing before I know, just practice one word. One verse needs a little work, but it is coming.
But that last Blessing...OYE!!!!!
But with the help of G-d, my beloved and our Rabbi, I shal do this.
And.....drum roll please....I finished the outline for the Children' Story I am writing.
After Shabbat, I shall begin the tale of Ianna and....
well, I shall save that for later.
See ya later...
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