Sunday, 26 October 2008

Word Crafter

As many of you know by now, I love to write. In fact, I am working on an outline for a children's book. The kind of books I would want my children and granchildren to read (Harry Potter is only good for feeding a nice fire. We as Torah Observe Jews do not read books or watch films with an occult Theme).
My sixth grade teacher caller writers WordCrafters. For in our hands in the power to calm and sooth or inflame. We can drive you to great flights of fantasy or cause you to feel the flames of hell itself.
A WordCrafter knows not only the power he/she holds, but sadly, sometimes, misuses that power.
Hitler comes to mind.
With the simple change of one word, you can change the meaning of a phrase. Some know this, some do not and some do not care.
Last night, Mark said something that hurt my feelings. I chose to forgive: after I made it clear I found what he said hurtful. My feelings were dismissed, but he took ownership of the pain he cause.
We must be aware that we share this world with others. And while we cannot tip-toe through this planet as if going through a mine-field, afraid we might set someone off, we also cannot be so thin skin that we can't give someone the benefit of the doubt what may not be a slight or insult.
And even if the words were meant as a slight or insult, it is more of an reflection of that person than it is of me or you.
Word Crafter Part 2
Be nice to everyone you meet, they are fighting a battle you know nothing about .
John Waton.

Clyde send me this quote and I love it. In fact, I used it a few days ago with a friend.
This is why we must be willing to give others the benefit of the doubt.
I like the word grace.

The same grace that G-d shows me, I am to extend to others. Sometimes I do this well. Other times, I don't.
That is the meaning of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." One Rabbi sid this way which is also good: "Don't do unto others that which you would not want done to you."
If I wish Mark to listen to me, then I need to listen to him. The hard part; even if he doesn't, that does not change the fact I should do the right time.
It is when each of us begin to love one another as G-d loves us and shine His Grace upon all we meet, modeling that which we claim to believe, then we become the agents of chance which we would like to see in our homes, nation and the world.
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