Saturday, 25 October 2008

I Should Have Made Ten Pounds

Jerzeel chanting the Torah....
Jerzeel saying the Blessing over the Torah.....
Mark saying the Blessing over the Wine and Challah....
Laini saying the blessing over the Lights.......
Well we have said goodbye to another Shabbat.
Mark and I were once again honoured to kindle the Challah lights and say the blessing over the Challah and wine before the evening service started.
And it had been a wonderful time. To be honest, I hated leaving our home for service, so sweet and soft the Spirit that filled our home.
Our friend and brother Jerzeel chanted from Genesis 1:3 this morning. Once again we begin the Torah from Creation. And as always, the Torah does not change, but we are.
Later, we went to our Torah group for Lunch.
Mark suggested I make ten pounds of mash pototes, but I thought five would be enough.
Silly me....
I should have listen to my husband.
We got into a indept study of Genesis chapters one to three. And as always, it was an interesting study. Loud, at times heated, but rich in what we all took away.
Later, Mark and I came home, took naps an then, with a brief ceremony, sadly said goodbye to another Shabbat.
Tomorrow, we will attend the renewal of vows of a couple who have been married 35 years.
And I have to prepare for next Shabbat.
I am being called to the Torah Shocked
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