Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Take Care With The Truth

From:Tuesday, December 18, 20078:36:00 PM EST

Take Care With The Truth
If you add to the truth, you subtract from it.- The Talmud

This is an earlier entry, but in light of the upcoming elections, I wanted to run it once more.
Today, Passions run high and hot as we come close to electing the next Leader of our country. Sadly both parties are still slinging mud and franklylies about each other and now adding spouses and even plumers into the mix.
Who ever one votes for, it must be based on the facts and the issuse. Not if you don't like this person's skin colour, age or sex.
Yes, in all the elections of my life time, the Truth has suffered the most. But this is the naughtest I have seem and BOTH sides are to blame.
As for me, The Word of G-d speaks for itself. Many times we feel the need to add our own "spin" or meaning and thru cancel out the truth. In fact, our mishandling of Torah can lead to and at times led to someone's death. (Remember Jim Jones? Waco?)
The Truth, like The Torah is:

Sword A two edge sword
Fire 3 A roaring fire.
Both must be handle with care.
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