Saturday, 25 October 2008

Time Goes On

As I continue to work on our journal: We Made Our Huppah
I have come to the section where I speak of the dancers.
It has been almost three and a half years. One of the daughters, Melissa is now living oversea, Sarah (the one who vow she would never marry) got married last summer to a wonderful guy in the Navy and another of the dancers is getting married next year.
Sam, one of Mark's best men, has since been to Afghanistan and now back home safe.
Paul, the other best man and Sarah, my Matron of Honour, have adopted a little boy from Africa, Abe.
Howard, who was one of our Huppah holders, became a widower and has since remarried and has now gained two daughter that adore him.
And in our family, the drama has died down.
Mark has since been returned to Iraq and is also safe and home. We are now enjoying this quiet time in our lives.
Three wonderful years I have been blessed with. Wonderful friends; old and new.
And a wonderful, loving husband.
May G-d grant us many, many more.
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