Thursday, 23 October 2008

A Life Well Lived

Mark and I just came home from Dr. Williams memorial service.
It was a wonderful service, well attended.
His daughter, Cindy sang, his granddughter Laura danced and a few of us shared our memories.
Mark never met Dr. Williams, but he said he came away knowing Dr.Williams better through those of us who knew him.
Even in the sorrow, there was joy in sharing Dr.William's life and love. How he richly blessed so many of us.
One of the points I said to Mark and was shared this evening: Doctor was a well earned title. He taught us one could be a believer and still have a brain. That one doesn't park their brains at the Church door when we enter. G-d commands us to Love Him with "All of our Soul, Mind and Strenght." Faith isn't mindless. G-d gives the gift of wisdom and knowlege and expects us to use them.
Dr.William's life was indeed a life well lived.
Thank you, G-d for Dr. William.
May he Rest In Peace and May G-d comfort those left to mourn.
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