Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Thanks For The Support


Well we just got home and I am about to do a little studying before we go out for the evening.
Mark wishes to say thank you to all who have said I (Laini) will do fine this Shabbat. He tells me the same thing and glad to have backup. The above link is are the verses I shall be chanting and the teaching behind them.
We had a great time with Mark's folks. We were a little late, but still had fun at the new Starbucks.
Only a few months old, it replaces an old Firestation and very nice. Marty (I Heard it At Starbucks) you would love it. Right now, the only 'colour' is the walls. But given that this Starbucks is a few blocks from The Naval Hospital, I am sure some very interesting folk shall soon appear.
Tonight, we are going to a Banquet, given by Bethany Christian Adoption. The couple that is hosting a table was just about to start the adoption progress when they learned they were going to be blessed with a child.
I have been told that this agency is helpful to couples like Mark and myself who are willing to have children born of our 'heart' as well as of our bodies. We know several families who have used their services and all have been pleased.
Who knows, this just may be the answer we have been seeking.
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