Thursday, 16 October 2008

Quiet Day

It has been a quiet day.
We needed laundry done. So that was on the top of the list.
Chicken soup of course is for supper. Funny, I never get tired of Chicken Soup. And it makes one feel good.

This year is the seventh year, the year that the Land of Israel is lay at rest. Rest is a good thing for Man, Beast as well as the Land. More about that later. Rabbi shared some very interesting infomation about that and it goes into some detail.
Also the seventh year, we are encouraged to read the five books of Moshe (Moses) during these seven days.
Since we have the Torah on DVD, we are listening to the five books being chanted and it is so cool.
I love to hear Torah Chanted; The very Words of G-d filling our home, our heads and our hearts.

We plan to watch a movie this evening, based on the Feast of Booths and I will work on Yosef's quilt. It is coming along so nicely and I have learned a lot. Already I have plans for a new quilt after I finish Mark's and Lizzie's.

Mark is taking a little nap, so I will work on the journal abit before I wake him up for our Movie Nite Wink
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