Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Remain Calm, Breath

The Holy Ark....Covered...
The Stairscase that doesn't lead to Heaven

I can't help but wonder if Noah got started this way....
This is our Synagogue. ....
It is being guttered and now remodeled.
Of course, we just had a renewal of vows this past weekend, and I am quite thankful I didn't have to face this when Mark and I were married.
I would have gotten married somewhere else.
Having come in to help with the Newsletter earlier in the week, I knew firsthand what the building looked like, I could see how slow the progress was.
But I was hopeful: after all, this is a Synagogue and it would be somewhat cleaned up for classes and services by week's end. And of course the workmen would have been instructed as to how to conduct themselves in a House of G-d and how to handle Holy objects.
Boy was I mistaken!
This evening I was told this mess might not be cleaned up by Ere Shabbat Service.
That this mess will not be cleaned up enough for me to even practice tomorrow evening. The Bimah (the platform from which the Torah is chanted) and the Holy Ark were draped in painter's cloth.
A Painter's Drop Cloth!!!!!!!
This is not how one treats the things of G-d!!!!!!
Well, at least the Ark was covered in plastic.
Yes, I was in tears.
To stand before the Aron HaKodesh (the Ark whichs houses the Torah Scrolls) with the Ner Tamid (Eternal Flame) shining down as one's eyes are enlighten by the Words of the Torah is a high and holy moment in a believer's life. Words cannot begin to express the feelings, the is that sense of Awe knowing that G-d is speaking to and through you.
The person I was speaking to had no idea what this means. And after a few minutes, I stopped trying to explain.
The Synagogue isn't just another building. It is the House where G-d dwells.
It is a Torah unto itself.
Everything in the Synagogue is a piece of the Torah. From the 'gates' to the Ark, every piece is a letter of the Torah, that spells out His Word to us. We literally 'Walk Through the Torah (Bible).
And like the Torah, must be handled with love, care, respect and honour.
But I knew the Foreman didn't see the Synagogue as I; it is just another job to be done.
Like Yeshua would throwing pearls before swine.....
So, I have to adjust my attitude. Again, not everyone cares or is even aware of the things of G-d, of how Holy He is.
That is for G-d to deal with.
Right now, I must remember who I am.
I am Noah, and I am about to declare the Word of G-d before a mess-up world.
And more likely get the same hearing as Noah did.
I am also reminded in class this evening....that we weren't always able to study and enjoy Torah in peace or in a beautiful place.
Right now, I am working on my own attitude, not to allow all the mess and confusion to bum me out, but use it as the platform for my Torah portion....
Noah too walked in a world that cared nothing about G-d or His Commandments.
And I am sure Mrs. Noah wasn't crazy about the mess in her backayard either. Ark
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