Sunday, 5 October 2008

Why Mark Loves His Job


As I go through the journals, I am deciding what I wish to keep and what to delete (reminds me of cleaning the house for the High Holy Days). This entry is froman old journal, Musing of Moshe the Mouse. Moshe will still appear from time to time (just can't keep that Mouse quiet)
This is one of the post I wanted to save. Mark is writing about his job as a Civil Affairs Officer and why he loves it:
Today I was awakened by a different sound...What could that be??? When I finally woke up enough to get my bearings, I realized that it was my cell phone that was ringing.
I snatched it up and looked at the number, not recognizing it, I let it continue to ring until the person hung up not realizing it was my Beloved calling from the States. As I flipped through the numbers, I saw my Beloved's address, Pookie Bear Home, but it still did not register that my Beloved was able to call me. I thought, "What the heck; I will give Pookie a call and say, "Good morning." When I rang through, she told me, "I just called you!"
"Really," I said! That was when I flipped through the Received Call list again. Sure enough, my Beloved was able to call. I called her back, almost crying... My Beloved was able to call me! So, we talked for a little while...Not realizing it was 0430... She told me she should let me get back to sleep, and I told her I would call later. We said Yani ahavita (I love you) and hung up, but I was not sad because now I knew that my Beloved could ring me:)
Anyway, the purpose of this entry...A few days ago, my Beloved put an entry into our journal about Civil Affairs. Well, I decided I would post a picture that tells everyone why I love what I do, even though it is sometimes frustrating! I do it for the children and the "good" people. As you can see, I took a picture of a little girl having fun with my glasses.

So you might yourself, "Why does he get frustrated?" Well, the same mission in which I took these pictures, the unit and the Iraqi security forces were giving out soccer balls. It drew huge crowds, but when all of the balls were given out, you had some dissatisfied people. I kept hearing over and over, "Mister, give me football." Instead of playing with those that had footballs (soccer balls for those who do not know),they kept pestering me thinking that I had some magical stash that I could access, and give them a football of their own! I guess we see it in America also, but this "Nobody can have something, unless I also get it too attitude is extremely vexing. I do not know it this attitude will ever be overcome. I pray one day that it will, but it most likely will not happen, until Messiah comes.

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