Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Five Things About me

The 5 List
5 things you collect: Sea shells, Messianic Music, Cross-Stitch patterns, Jewish Cookbooks, Stuffed Animals
5 things about your hair: just past my shoulders, wine-coloured, thick, curly, my husband loves to play with it

5 things about your pets-yet.
5 things in your junk drawer: scotch tape, markers, matches, hammer, nails
5 things you love to eat in summer:ice cream, watermelon, Greek Salad, grilled chicken, grilled Salomen
5 things you couldn't live without: G-d and His Word, Mark, Books, music, tapestry supplies.
5 things you would like to see before you die: Israel, Greenland, Iceland, a child with Mark, grandchildren
5 things you hate: what G-d hates, being late, Cigarettes being lied to, and broken promises.
5 vehicles you would gladly drive: my husband crazy, camels, sheep, goats, (no cars)
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