Saturday, 25 October 2008

Answers and Changes

As I stated in an earlier entry, we have been facing some changes here, waiting for answers.
There was a training position Mark and a few fellow soldiers were up for and we had been waiting word for if Mark was up for the post.

Now we learn that the post will not open until Februay of next year.
So, we now have some answer to what is happening. Mark's leave ends tomorrow. (sep. 19)
So, he is back into the Army Reserves and looking for a job as a teacher (science) He had already started looking for work in August.

With a need for science teachers, Mark really should have no problem. In the meantime, he is also looking into tutoring.
I am looking into start tutoring Hebrew dance in about two or three weeks. Since both Mark and I are being called to the Torah (go up and chant a Torah portion), the next few weeks will be rather busy. I already have several students just waiting for when my first class begins.
Of course, all of this could change next week and we can find ourselves moving to Fort Story, Bragg or Drum.
All is in G-ds Hands and Time.
Mark said our lives would be one long honeymoon and adventure.
He didn't lie.
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