Saturday, 11 October 2008



Well, it has been a long day, but a wonderful Shabbat.

First, for everyone who read the last entry, the advise was taken well. My friend showed up at service and she told me she fully understood what I was saying.

Funny, someone asked me how a friend of our was doing; she hadn't seen her in a while. And I gave the same advise; call her.

Maybe it is me; but have people stopped talking to one another and go through a third party?

That is doe not a relationship make.

Mark and I spoke about this today on our way to service. One of the reasons our marriage works is that we feel safe enough to talk to the other about anything. We both know we will hear the other out. So sure, there are misunderstanding that must be worked out, and some times we agree to disagree. But that is the freedom, the beauty of any relationship.

Even with our Heavenly Father.

As one rabbi put it: "G-d likes the tough questions."

I like that. Because it means He doesn't mind if I come to Him with my questions, concerns, fears and yes, even anger about a matter.

But I also must be willing to trust him with the answer.

Yesterday, I decided to treat my beloved to a new Shabbat outfit.

Ok, I admit, I like showing off what a handsome I have.

While he was is the dressing room, the own said to me: "I like the way you two speak to each other. It is clear to see G-d in your marriage."

That made my day.

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