Monday, 13 October 2008

Sick :(

Shalom ya!
(Hey, I live in the South)

This morning, Mark took me to Boone Clinic. We both forgot it was a holiday, but we did get an appointment later in the afternoon.
It turns out that I have a combination of; sudden change in weather, allerges and in severe sinus infestion (left sinus) and a ear infestion (left).
So after attending a brief service at Temple (more in another entry) we came home and Mark heated up Chicken Matzo Ball soup, handed me a glass of orange juice and tucked me into bed. Sick In Bed
So the next few days of Sukkot (The Feast of Booths) I will be in bed; thanks to lots of drugs.
But I did come home and went to sleep. And I really slept.
Oh it felt so good.

I need to get better. Today was my father-in-law's birthday and I wanted to surprise him with fried chicken livers. One of his flavorite dishes.
I might throw in some collard greens. We got a raincheck for later in the week and I hope to be feeling better then.

I am so glad everyone loved the idea our friends have of celebrating their marriage. Yes, Mark and I were inspired. That is why we exchanged our vows on the beach.
We always return to the place we went for our honeymoon. Williamburge, Va.
Next year, we hope to go to the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at during our honeymoon.
A nice place to exchange our vows.
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