Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sinus Update

Here we go again.....

Yes, I was back at the doctor's....again.
Two weeks ago I was asked to come in (Mark's Drill weekend) and direct the setup for the monthly congregation Shabbat Supper.
Sunday, we attended the wedding of our friends Rudy and Jerzeel and the next day was in Boone Clinic because I was so stuffy I could not sleep.
The doctor changed my medication and gave me something that opened up my sinuses.
Until Thrusday night when once again I was stuffy and could not breath.
The doctor at the Clinic was willing to see me that evening.
So, after we got things setup for Shabbat, off to the doctors we went.
Good thing I had my cameria with me so I could record this "I can't believe I am here," look.
The doctor gave me a strong antibiotic for 12 days and Prednisone (60 mgs the first four days, then 40 mgs, and until the end of the 12 day, 20 mgs) But it is doing the job. The doctor felt I might had a blockage that only the streiod maybe able to take care of.
If not, Ear, Nose and Throat here I come.
But I don't really see that happening. I am up and about, getting back into the dailys of life.
I'm even dancing again.
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